i-cord grafting

A demonstration of how to graft the live end of an i-cord to the cast-on end.

i-cord Cast On

A demonstration of the i-cord cast on: cast on 4sts using the backwards loop method and leave a 20cm/8” tail. Slip the stitches purlwise to the LHN, then *kf&b, knit 3sts, then slip 4sts back to the LHN*, leaving one stitch on the RHN. Repeat from * to *, each time leaving an extra stitch on the RHN.


i-cord Cast Off

A demonstration of the i-cord cast off: cast on 4sts onto the RHN using the backwards loop cast on. * Slip 4sts back to the LHN, k3, ssk * and repeat from * to * until all stitches are cast off.