Cast on

Provisional Cast On using a spare circular needle

A demonstration of how to work a provisional cast on using the cable of a spare circular needle, or the cable from an interchangeable set. This method is particularly useful as the cast on stitches are then ready and waiting to be knit from the needle when needed.

Knitted Cast On

A demonstration of the knitted cast on, a quick method of casting on which is stretchy and is good for things which need blocking.

Start with a slip-knot. Knit into the loop, then slip the stitch knitwise from the RHN to the LHN. Knit into the stitch and repeat the process of slipping the stitch back and knitting into it. The RHN is in the right place for starting the next stitch, so you can get into quite a rhythm with this method.

i-cord Cast On: go to the i-cord tab on the left menu.

Judy's Magic Cast On

A demonstration of Judy's Magic Cast on, without using the initial slip-knot. This is an invisible and seamless way of casting on the toes of toe-up socks.