About Me

Me, curly short hair, glasses and a blue stripy scarf
Me, pyrrha

I’m Kate, a 34yo Mum to two girls, aged 7 & 9. We’re Australians, but we’ve been living in Norway for the past two years for the Husband’s work. Currently we’re travelling in Europe, on our way back (home?) to arrive in Australia in early 2013.

I was taught to knit at age 3 or 4 years old by my Grandma. She knit many of my jumpers when I was a kid and I still wear one she made for my parents. I’ve done many crafts through the years, including sewing, quilting and embroidery, but I love knitting the best - it’s functional, pretty, and portable.

I also love the maths of designing - I trained as a maths teacher, once upon a time, and so playing with numbers is really fun!


Why Pyrrha? Well, that stems from Latin class at High School. Pyrrha means "Fiery one", and with red hair and a bit of a temper, the name stuck.